Audials Light

Audials Light 12

Play, record and share music & videos

Audials Light is a feature-packed media playing and recording program. View full description


  • Ton of features
  • Turns computer into media server
  • Screen, music, and video recording


  • Lengthy install time
  • Interface needs work
  • Crashes regularly

Audials Light is a feature-packed media playing and recording program.

Managing a large media library is a pain. Syncing is frustrating and never works properly. Audials Light aims to solve the problems of sharing media between multiple computers and devices. It also has more features than you can shake a stick at!

Unfortunately, Audials Light is a mediocre media player. It supports all major formats but it's the interface that really lets it down. The whole application seems to have been shaped by afterthoughts. Menus don't flow, the icons/buttons don't match, and there's a lot of wasted screen real estate.

While Audials Light fails at having a pleasing interface, it succeeds in packing the program full of features. Audials Light allows users to record music, videos, and screens. You can also paste links of videos from YouTube and have them download.

Sharing between computers and devices is simple, although users will have to sign up for an account and log in to each device. So far, Audials Light only syncs with Android. Streaming works well and allows users to access all of their media from their home computer.

Audials Light is an ambitious program with tons of features but its execution leaves

Record music & videos, fill clouds, share media, playback with smartphone.

Record MP3 & videos, listen to the radio, watch music TV, subscribe to podcasts, fill media cloud, transfer media to other computers, share with friends & play via smartphone. 1) Set up personal media cloud, share media with friends & transfer to windows computer, play via smart phone when on the go. You can transform your Windows computer into a personal media cloud to transfer your media to other windows computers & to share your music, videos & movies with family & friends. Apps let you play your media with your Android smartphone when on the go. 2) Fill & manage internet clouds Windows Skydrive, Dropbox,, eSnips, Telekom Cloud, MP3tunes, TunesBag & further devices have predefined profiles. 3) Find your favorite radio station easily from out of 60,000 & record music Select radio stations for listening & recording by various criteria from the largest database. Audials Light fills your hard disk with free songs in the blink of an eye. You can also save the audio tracks from music videos as an MP3 with the Youtube downloader. 4) Use Audials Light as your recorder for videos & movies from the Web With Audials a button for recording is located next to videos & movies in every browser & streaming-player. Just click the button, & Audials Light will save the video automatically. With Youtube & other video portals you can download the clip quickly by entering the link of the video. 5) Simply the best for every playback device Audials Light provides you with music, video clips & movies on your computer, notebook, netbook, tablet PC, iPhone, iPad, Zune, Xbox360, PS3 & other devices. 6) Music TV & podcasts With Audials Light you can watch music programs & music videos from various music stations from the internet. Additional entertainment is also available with audio & video podcasts.
Audials Light


Audials Light 12